Competency Based Training

Competence could be defined as a combination of KSA’s and awareness that enables an individual to perform a job as per the standards required for successful job performance. In other words, it deals with “what is expected in terms of performance at the workplace”. At the corporate level there are requirements of competency based trainings for a set of employees working on certain projects in order to enhance their performance on the project. These requirements are very specific and need to be fulfilled as without the proper training on the required skill the performance will be affected.

Mount Talent provides competency based training programs in multiple domains specifically IT. These programs are used to enhance employees’ current job performance & also to prepare them for changing job requirements and to introduce new tools and technologies in the workplace.

An important characteristic of our Competency Based Training is that it is focused on the ability to transfer and apply KSA’s to new situations and environments. In such trainings the role of the training is to acquire new skills to adjust to the current work environment better, and the role of the assessor is not to examine but to ensure that the competency is established at the end of the training. The emphasis in competency based training is on “performing” rather than just “knowing”. The competency-based system is participant centred and the unit of progression in it is mastery of specific skills & knowledge. Hence the two key terms in competency based system are: Skill & Competency where competency is a skill performed to a specific standard under certain specific conditions.

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