Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from experiences. Experiential learning is learning through reflection on doing. It focuses on the learning process for the individual (unlike experiential education, which focuses on the transitive process between teacher and learner). Experiential learning can be a highly effective educational method and requires grave efforts on part of the instructor or the facilitator to conduct the training in a practical environment. To be effective, it should employ the whole learning wheel, from goal setting, to experimenting and observing, to reviewing, and finally action planning. This complete process allows one to learn new skills, new attitudes or even entirely new ways of thinking.

Experiential learning is about creating an experience where learning can be facilitated. How do you create a well-crafted learning experience? The key lies in the facilitator and how he or she facilitates the learning process. At MTC we have facilitators who can cater to the students needs on these lines. Our educators understand the important role experience plays in the learning process and hence they foster an effective experiential learning environment.

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