Onsite/OffSite Trainings

On-site trainings:

These are generally delivered at the college campuses wherein the delivery happens within the campus in batches comprising of the students from same college. If there are an ample number of students desiring to get trained on the same curriculum then we can deliver the trainings at the college premises utilizing the college’s infrastructure. These models are characterized by:

  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Better customisation
  • Enhanced Control
    • Course topics and structure
    • Class location, size, and audience
    • Class schedule
  • Better Results
    • More choice and control leads to better results
Off-site Trainings:

In case of off-site trainings, the programs are held either at MTC premises or at Training Spaces Rentals that could be arranged by the college or by MTC.

We also provide Pool-Campus Training Programs wherein a large number of students in an aretrainingundergo trainings on required skill sets at a common point of contact. Such activities foster greater inter-relationships within the educational institutes hence helping in development of educational hubs.

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