Skill Enrichment Prg.

Skill Enrichment Programs
These are programs are designed to bridge the skill gap between the classroom teaching on set university curricula and the industry oriented practical know-how. These programs may be preceded by TNA in order to identify the skill-gap, these could be in form of assessments- online or written, based on which the skill gap is identified and the trainings are accordingly imparted to the students. After implementation of the appropriate training the candidates are reassessed in order to track the skill level; and this could be continued until the desired skill set is achieved. The lesser the number of assessments done the greater is the effectiveness of the trainings imparted.

The immediate goal of SEP is to provide an intensive enrichment opportunity that fosters students’ intellectual potential. These programs are precise and are designed to give each student individualized academic attention. SEP’s continuing mission is to improve students’ confidence and skill development so that they have both the motivation and the capacity to be successful.

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