Specialized Courses

Specialized Courses for Individuals:

At times a training need is realized in certain individuals in a group. As opposed to the rest of the group such individuals have to be trained on certain parameters in order to perform in accordance with the rest of the group. These individuals are made to undergo a training program by the organization. Such training programs are not necessarily held at the organization itself.

Mount Talent provides specialized programs for such individuals under the corporate training segment catering to multiple domains and specific to multiple industries. These specialized courses emphasize on improving the candidates skills or competencies pertaining to the job role per se. These could be practical or theoretical trainings depending upon the skill to be enhanced delivered on an ILT or Experiential mode with the involvement of the industry consultants or could also be delivered an online LMS, or multimedia based model. This generally depends on the requirement of the company or the candidate.

The specialized courses are available in the various categories ranging from Functional Trainings, MDP’s, EDP’s, to technical trainings. These could be delivered for a fixed duration at a fixed time or could also be supplemented or integrated with the candidates’ job role or project as per the corporate requirement.

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