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The participants get trained from the experienced industry experts with strong domain knowledge who can train as per the industry requirements which differentiate our training. MTC has a pool of deft trainers in almost all domains backed by rich corporate exposure which enables them to impart training on in a real-time industry-specific scenario, hence exposing students to the hands-on or practical aspects of the subject matter taught, irrespective of the domain which could be IT or Non- IT. Our trainers act as the media in providing an industry interface to support our training programs.

Our rich clientele enables us to understand what the various industries look for in the prospective candidates and thus we are able to impart what is called as “prevalent requirement of the industry” hence providing a strong and updated interaction with the industry.

Some of the Trainer’s with us:

Leadership Training:
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Technical Training:
Product Development/ Data Structures/ Algorithms/Imaging
Java/ J2EE: Product Development
Java/ Webmethods

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